Скачать Гровтопия на компьютер

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Скачать Гровтопия на компьютер

A Creative Platformer

Growtopia has growing trees at heart, but over its almost 5-years history, so many more new features have been added. Collect and combine fabric to sew unique outfits. Become the best chef using the cooking mechanics. Use Adventure pack to create quest-like worlds with mazes, traps and puzzles to challenge your friends. It’s like there’s hundreds of games within a game. Who do you want to be today?

Worlds We Love

The Legend Dragon

Can you ride this dragon?

Balloon Fight World

Punch, Build, Balloon Fight!

The Forgotten Raven

The early bird catches the worm.

Look me in the eye.

Ubisoft World

Do you recognize these characters?

Growtopia lives and breathes thanks to the amazing community of players who come to play, create, educate and entertain each other. Growtopians chat in the game, as well as on dedicated Growtopia forums. To get advice, pro tips, latest news, share your fan art, or discuss updates and suggest new features, head to forums!

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Growtopia is a universe of unlimited worlds, all connected to each other.

Play Growtopia on any of the platforms below. If you create and use Grow ID, your game will be synchronized across devices.

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