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Закачек 3906
Средняя скорость 9436 Kb/s

Описание игры, скриншоты, видео

• SGi навигация / Navigation: Игры для ПК » Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (848) » Outerra Tech Demo v0.8.4.5948

• Разработчик / Developer: Outerra (1)

• Жанр / Genre: Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (848)

• Тип игры / Game Type: Демо версия

• Размер / Size: 478.58 Мб.

• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 11 )

Outerra Tech Demo — техно демка нового масштабного графического движка Outerra!

Здесь вы можете облететь всю планету Земля поднявшись в космос, или прокатиться на грузовике по живописным местам.

Обновлено с версии до Списка изменений внутри новости.

Это реклама. Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Outerra многообещающий движок, который позволит реализовывать самые амбициозные проекты на воксельной технологии.

Сама воксельная технология открыта давно, еще NovaLogic использовала воксельные графические движки в сериях игр Delta Force, Armored Fist и Comanche. Но тогда они не выглядели настолько красиво.

Новые технологии, наращивание мощности ПК позволило сделать огромный прорыв в мире 3D, всего каких-то 20 лет в корне изменили графику.

— Неограниченная дальность прорисовки.

— Прогрессивная загрузка данных.

— Процедурная генерация контента.

— Встроенные физические движки для наземного и воздушного транспорта.

— Встроенный браузер для интеграции сетевых сервисов.

Инструментарий движка позволяет:

— отображать неограниченную видимость.

— догружать данные на лету.

— Прорабатывать физику объектов до мелочей.

— интегрировать в движок Интернет технологии.

Outerra is a 3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface. Can use arbitrary resolution of elevation data, refining it to centimeter resolution using fractal algorithms.

Unlimited visibility, progressive download of data, procedural content generation.

Integrated vehicle and aircraft physics engines. Embedded web browser for web service integration.

The minimum requirements are:

Nvidia 8800GT or better, ATI 4850 or better

512MB GPU memory

Version (22 Sep 2015)

tire friction depending on surface material

default vehicle steering slower with higher speeds

fixed black screen in MSAA modes

Version (19 Sep 2015)

extended controls support for vehicles and aircraft (see defaults/iomap/readme.txt for technical details)

moved iomap/xxx.default.cfg to defaults/iomap/xxx.cfg

default bindings for trim (ctrl + action key)

separate altitude-hold (shift A) and Stability Augmentation System (shift S) for heli,

F12 shows new controls UI

scenery editor update, ctrl modifier for forced mouse panning

updated mig29, c172, ah64, c172 & mig29 sound updates (uriah, kw71, levi)

c172 made available in demo mode

added a fire(pos,dir,speed,caliber,color) method to aircraft/vehicle for firing plasma rays

added test/demo fire event handlers (left mouse button) to T817 and MiG

fixed tracer burn lights being offset from the landing position and sometimes burning forever

rotation vector normalization to geomob joint rotation functions

planet cfg saved at exit

hud distance working in full range into star background

added option to not use imperial units in aircraft hud

fixed moon lighting, flickering at atmo boundary

fixed rivers in stereo mode

sRGB texelFetch bug detection handling the MSAA mode as well (pale grass bug)

fixed crash after the first road waypoint was deleted

fixed invisible leading road segments

fix for spikes on terrain from roads going through lowest tile point (needs reapplying the road)

added «strict» property into objdef, newly imported objects = true, old ones default to false; causes «use strict» in vehicle/aircraft scripts

fixed jsbsim wind vector

fixed HID config not being saved for new non-calibrated devices

Version (20 Aug 2015)

new scenery editor on alt-F1 (alpha)

support for basic vector rivers (not persistent yet)

new weather settings in F11, cloud coverage, wind settings

wind affecting aircraft, grass, tress .

sunlight and moonlight levels modulated by adjustable cloud cover

monochromatic rendering in low light conditions to simulate human eye

moon model (not procedural yet), correct position and phase, affects night lighting levels

Version (24 May 2015)

better detection of sRGB color bug on some AMD cards (pale grass issue)

fixed patterns visible on dirt

Version (18 May 2015)

adjusted rock coloring, rock displacement, enhanced dirt patch texturing

controls menu showing modifiers, fixed right-click to clear, fixed detection of keys with modifiers

added vehicle/aircraft solar_time script method returning time info and outside light levels (useful for controlling automatic lights control on vehicles)

error log behavior changed to one-line alert message on error, auto turning off in 3 sec

console .active command to bind to current vehicle

fix for floating grass, road spikes in editor

fixed set_fps_camera_pos reset back to no joint

fixed app crash when there’s an error in aircraft script

fixed shader errors on old NV cards

fixed sky/stars/clouds in spherical projection mode

fixed small mesh visibility (vanishing cockpit instruments or other small objects off the main pivot)

fixed fullscreen geographic projection mode

fixed ui visible in saved location screenshots

workaround for buggy NVIDIA driver 350.12

Version (27 Mar 2015)

fixed issues with controls

restored rock displacement

vertical mouse enabled in ufo+oculus

Version (26 Mar 2015)

ufo panning mode (shift-home toggle)

fixed video capture with swap_interval 1

fixed FBX normals import

fixed bone_id in add_spot_light and add_point_light plane and vehicle

pink mipmaps mode enabled with debug_keys only

fixed «dirt» building leveling

light_xxx_mask added optional mask offset to cope with limited mask range, fixed aircraft lights on reload

adjusted spotlight reflector lighting

added add_spot_light/add_point_light with light_params arg, optional intensity, range or both

fixed blackness with high light intensity (there’s still some limit though)

added aircraft/vehicle set_pitch_roll

new input system doesn’t work there yet, but iomap configs have been moved to a separate directory

fix for joystick pots that do not have neutral value at 0, only 4 pot positions can be assigned for now

geom::set_mesh_visible can hide multiple meshes with trailing @ or *

fixed sky in environment map

added pitch and roll to aircraft scenario window

adjusted rock coloring

updated SM11 lights, adjusted T817 cabin light to not light the terrain

enhanced CPU side object rendering perf

fixed crash in aircraft with missing JSBSim propulsion

fixed transparency vs clouds

Version (18 Feb 2015)

new temporary stable bloom, little bit faster and nicer

vehicle/aircraft script initialization events called even in paused mode

fixed shader error in oculus

Version (16 Feb 2015)

workaround for purple terrain driver bug on old ati cards and newer catalyst drivers

updated MiG — lights, simple engine glow, additional skins (CZ, RU) — many thanks to Uriah for providing these

added open «location from image» into F2 location dialog, to load GPS info from photos

fixed spotlight orientation vector (was unable to point in Z direction)

fixed crash on v (change seat) key

missing texture mipmaps replaced with pink textures + warning

fixed perf problem in F2 advanced options

spot lights now also light up the reflector, making the lights visible better

full lights on SM11 bus and T817 truck

vehicle turn signals — manual (shift+A/D for left right, shift+W emergency, shift+S all off)

light_mask and light_toggle_mask methods to manipulate multiple lights at once

fixed glow rendering in stereo

fixed deformed reflections on objects

vertical mouse working in TPS with Oculus, aiming working with Oculus

fixed location manager to exit vehicle when changing location

fix for Nv 2xx water path shader compilation error

lights removed when aircraft is deleted

fixed crash if maximum number of mesh isntances is reached

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