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MagicPlus Mobile Assistant

MagicPlus Mobile Assistant (also known as Lenovo Mobile Assistant) is a Free software developed by Lenovo for all Lenovo tablets and smartphones with Android system.

Latest updates: we recommend TunesGo phone manager other than Lenovo mobile assistant for non-Lenovo users. You can use it to manage iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nexus, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE and more Android powered cell phones and tablets.

How to Set up Lenovo Mobile Assistant?

You will have to install both Lenovo Mobile Assistant on PC and Mobile devices. Install it on either one, the counterpart will be installed on the other automatically.

Set up Lenovo Mobile Assistant for Non-Lenovo devices:

Install Mobile Assistant on your PC.

Turn on USB debugging on your Android phone or tablet.

Connect Android device to PC with USB cable.

Run Mobile Assistant on your PC to manage device’s content efficiently.

Set up Lenovo Mobile Assistant for Lenovo devices:

PC-end Lenovo Mobile Assistant will be automatically installed if it has been installed on the phone or tablet. For new Lenovo PC and Lenovo mobile phones and tablets, the Mobile Assistant should have already been pre-installed.

Where to download Lenovo Mobile Assistant?

If the phone or tablet does not have Lenovo Mobile Assistant installed, please visit this URL to download and install on the PC end. After that the mobile-end MagicPlus Mobile Assistant will be automatically installed when you connect the USB debugging enabled mobile to PC. Mac users can download and use this Android and iPhone data manager.

How to use Lenovo Mobile Assistant?

The home screen or main interface of MagicPlus Lenovo Mobile Assistant looks like below.

Step 2. Tap Home button to view the current state of the connected phone or tablet. You can take screenshots of mobile phone, back up phone, restore phone from here; you can also quickly access Apps, Contacts, SMS, Photo, Video and Music from here.

Step 3. Use the main menu on the left to access and manage mobile device’s content, including Apps, Contacts, SMS, Photo, Video and Music.

Update Nov 2017: the alternative Android phone manager tunesgo was added.

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